While our Weekly Training Lessons are taking a summer break, we continue to bring you world class training inspiration. For the next four weeks, ITTF High Performance Elite Coach Massimo Costantini will be delivering a lecture series to you, targeted mostly at coaches of all levels, but open to all.

Each lesson will deal with one playing level, starting this Friday at 15:00 CEST with Beginners. This week’s lesson will be a guide for coaches dealing with children wanting to approach table tennis for the first time, offering useful tools and tricks of the trade making the experience a joyful one for both prospective player and coach.

Next Friday, Massimo will relay how to make the best use of the four pillars of performance (technical, tactical, physical, psychological) when working with players of the Hopes age category (11-13 years old).

Following on from this and delving into the realms of High Performance, the third weeks focus will be on training and coaching junior and U21 players who are amongst the top players within their countries: the Nationals.

And finally, the most elusive of topics: how to work with Professionals. The last week will feature an in-depth analysis on how to work with professional players and deal with the extraordinary demands placed on both player and coach.

We hope you will join us for any or all of the lessons. Registration links will be published every week, and you are welcome to ask questions and interact with Massimo as well as your fellow coaches.

Check our Upcoming Events page for registration links to our online events.

Find the presentation slides here:

4 Classes – Lesson 1: Beginners

4 Classes – Lesson 2: Hopes

4 Classes – Lesson 3: Nationals

4 Classes – Lesson 4: Professionals