In our Stay At Home articles you have already learned how to improve your table tennis technique, your fitness and your mental resilience – and we hope that our exercises and tips have helped fill your days at home. However, in busy periods of our lives, self-improvement and learning often takes a backseat to seemingly more important activities. What better way to use your remaining downtime then to learn something new that will help your career as an athlete in the long run. In cooperation with the ITTF Athletes Commission its Deputy Chair Galia Dvorak, we have curated a selection of educational opportunities to make your time away from the table as valuable as possible.

For more tips on how to stay active at home, go to and check out the Expert’s Corner for more tips and tools for your training. Also have a look at our new webinar series, starting this Saturday, for lively debates and exchanges of ideas on how to stay connected to our sport in the current times.

For those of you wanting to commit more time to further education in the field of Sports Administration, the ITTF Administration Course is fully online and can be accessed at Also check in with us on Facebook @ITTFHPD for more exciting content to come!

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Athlete 365 program has vast resources on online learning, post-playing career advice and in-depth articles on topics of concern to athletes, such as well-being, career progression, finance and integrity. The online courses on allow you to brush up on your knowledge of these topics, which will benefit you when you are back on the road or back into a busy training schedule.

If you are spending the current downtime away from professional sport creating amazing content for your followers on social media, why not dive deeper into building your personal brand? Athlete 365 have created a toolkit as well as an online course on how to successfully do so:

Crushing your training at home? Recovery is your friend, and you can learn why here;

If you are currently struggling with keeping your nutrition on track, remind yourself how important sticking to your usual discipline really is by brushing up on your knowledge on sports nutrition:

For many more resources, tips, and opinions from peers and role models, check out all that Athlete 365 has to offer here:

In the fight against doping, the World-Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has prepared an online learning environment that allows you to keep up to date with anti-doping regulations even during lockdown. Besides online courses and quizzes to test your knowledge on current regulations, they have a large body of resources dedicated to the fight against doping.

Check out their online learning environment ADeL: 

Keep up to date with the latest regulations here:

There are plenty of options to help you keep busy, active and healthy at home. Happy Learning!