In this series, Messages From Paris, we share some interesting interviews made during The 2013 World Table Tennis Championships, that were held in Paris.


Olga Nemes is a table tennis living legend. Born in Romania of Hungarian origin, she fled to Germany in 1983 because she feared that she was not going to be invited to international events because of problems with the Romanian Table Tennis Association at that time. In 1985 she received German citizenship and continued playing for Germany.


In 1983 she won the Junior Youth European Championship, and  became the youngest winner of the European Top12, which she won once more in 1987. In 1996 & 1998 she won the European Gold Medal with German Women’s Team, and participated in the European Table Tennis Championships 9 times with Germany and Romania. She participated in the World Table Tennis Championships 10 times also with Germany and Romania & in the Olympic Games 3 times with Germany. She has been named 170 times in the national team and won the German Championships 5 times in singles, 4 times in doubles and 4 times in mixed doubles. With all that said, her successes as a table tennis player are too many to mention here.


During this interview she describes in depth the benefit of the parents involvement in the development of a young table tennis player.



– Why and when she started to play table tennis and how she trained at the same time tennis and table tennis and how that influenced her game (0:00-0:59)

– What she would change in her training when she was young, and what are the critical years in the development of a table tennis player (0:59-2:47)

– The most important attributes that she looks for in young talented players, the most important abilities for a coach working with players under12 & how not every player trains to be the best player in the world but that there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration (2:47-5:40)

– The important role players parents play in contemporary table tennis & how crucial the parents of Timo Boll, Jörg Roßkopf, Patrick Baum, Dimitrij Ovcharov were in their development (5:40-9:50)

– Advice for young players that have to leave their home to pursue their table tennis career & how table tennis was and is an irreplaceable part of her whole life (9:50-12:05)