The Hopes ProgITTF Hopes Logoram is one of many ITTF development initiatives targeting Global Reach and Overall Growth of Table Tennis. The number one goal is to encourage National Associations not only to start with professionally managed Talent Identification Programs, but also to promote and work with young talented players for future success and growth. The role of the ITTF Education & Training is to provide expert guidance, incentives and opportunities while following up with the education of Coaches.

The latest modification and improvements to the Hopes model should considerably strengthen
the role of the National Associations as well as of the Continental Federations and secure involvement, engagement and ownership of the young talented Players and promising Coaches, all following the new ITTF DNA "Developing National Associations” philosophy.

The ITTF Hopes Program is all about PASSION + VISION + ACTIVITY = SUCCESS! It is primarily designed to engage and motivate National Associations and Continental Federations
to work hand in hand focusing on young Talents and their Coaches by embarking on the
road of excellence. The Hopes activities at all levels will be monitored from a quality standpoint and shall at all times reinforce educational elements focusing on coaching, innovations and support.

Materials realated to HET 2016 in Doha, Qatar, 28-30 May, 2016.