What is a MOOC?

A 'MOOC' is a Massive Open Online Course. MOOCs are a popular way to study without attending a school or college. Taking online courses enables students to choose to study when it suits them.

IOC Athlete MOOC

The IOC Athlete MOOC is an innovative new way for elite athletes to study while training and competing. Anyone can access the IOC Athlete MOOC, wherever they are. And all courses are free of charge.

Our courses feature academic lecture videos created by leading academics and professionals from the world of sport. They also include practical insights from top athletes, coaches and inspirational leaders.

The IOC Athlete MOOC is a pilot programme which runs until the end of 2014. It aims to understand more about the interests of elite athletes in online education. Any decision to offer online courses through the IOC Athlete MOOC in 2015 and beyond will be made towards the end of this pilot programme.

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IOC Commissions and Resources for Athletes

The Athletes Commission and Entourage Commission aim to provide the best possible environment for athletes:

  • The Athletes Commission is the link between active athletes and the IOC. It represents athletes within the Olympic Movement and upholds the rights and obligations of the athletes. For more information visit: http://www.olympic.org/athletes-commission
  • The Entourage Commission deals with matters concerning the relationship between athletes, coaches, managers, sponsors and all other stakeholders that support athletes. It aims to improve the quality and the level of services in uniting the stakeholders. For more information visit: http://www.olympic.org/entourage-commission

Athletes Space

For further information and resources for elite athletes at all career stages, visit: http://www.olympic.org/athletes-space

How To Be A Successful Leader

You may not know it, but good leadership and management is integral to your success as an athlete. The same applies to successful businesses; great leadership produces winning results.

But what do we mean by leadership? How can leadership and management skills boost your performance as an athlete? And how can you use these skills to be successful in the field of business later in your career?

Led by Thierry Zintz, Professor of Management of Sport Organisations at the Université catholique de Louvain and Vice-president of the Belgian Olympic Committee, this course will examine:

  • What makes a successful coach, team captain or business leader
  • Why teams succeed in sport and how you can use these skills in business
  • The importance of strategy in building a successful sports organisation
  • How personal stakeholders can play a key role in your career

There are also exclusive insights from world-renowned coaches and athletes, including Sir Clive Woodward, Jacques Borlée, Charmaine Crooks and Marc Coudron.

The course will take around 1 1/2 hours to complete.

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