18 players with tracked record were invited to the first Eurotalents development camp of 2017 under the auspices of ETTU.
The Eurotalents project aims at talent identification and selection within Europe and is working with 18 young players from 11 countries to a training camp and tournament from 12 to 19 March.

ETTU Eurotalents Pre-selection Camp, Aug-2015. Photo by: Martijn Spithoven

After careful consideration and exhaustive analyses by coaching experts Istvan Korpa, Joze Urh and Neven Cegnar, seven players were selected in October 2016 to be part of the ETTU Eurotalents Development U-15 project in 2017, joining the players selected in 2014 and 2015.
In 2015 top coach Li Xiaodong had contributed and left a legacy with his training methods. Video courtesy: by Martijn Spithoven   What an opportunity! A call up for the Eurotalents training camp sets the wheels in motion for these enthusiastic European players, allowing them to further build a pathway towards success. Jože Urh, national coach and Head coach of the Slovenian Training center is leading the team of coaches formed by Vesna Drnovšek, Andreja Ojsteršek Urh, Mate Lejo and Neven Cegnar (ETTU).  
We’ve great camp here in Otocec, everything is perfect! Great practice and excellent conditions for accommodation, the atmosphere is great, there is active participation of all coaches and hard work from all players. Also eight very good sparring partners Neven Cegnar

ETTU Development Officer

Players and coaches in Otocec (Photo: courtesy of Neven Cegnar)