By Wade Townsend

Defenders around the world let out a collective cheer as Yumeno Soma claimed a world singles title. 

Yumeno Soma shocked everyone as she won the Cadet Girls’ Singles title. (Photo: JIOJI Productions)

Yumeno Soma has shocked the world by winning the Cadet Girls’ Singles title at the 2017 World Cadet Challenge in Fiji.

In a seven game thriller that kept spectators on the edge of their seats, Soma defeated Huang Yingqi  4-3 (6, 10, -13, 4, -8, -9, 5).

Huang came in to the match favourite and the no.1 seed looked in control in the early exchanges. But Soma found her rhythm and committed herself to outlasting her opponent.

The rallies didn’t just have the audience holding their breath, but the competitors as well.

After one marathon rally Soma was forced to call a timeout.

I had to call a timeout to catch my breath. I just couldn’t breath

Yumeno Soma

It’s a good sign that the art of defending isn’t heading towards extinction as the next generation proves it still has a place on top of the podium.