The International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program, commonly known as ICECP, is one of the programs supported by the Olympic Scholarship for coaches from Olympic Solidarity. Coaches willing to undergo a high-level training in sports sciences or a sport-specific training course maybe named by the National Olympic Committee and endorsed by the respective International Federation.
The program focuses on training participants on talent identification and training and emphasises the multiplier effects needed for further growth of the sport at the home country.

The ICECP is organised by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in cooperation with University of Delaware and Olympic Solidarity.Photo: courtesy of Chris Snyder

Participants were housed at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and had the opportunity to get to know the USOC’s Olympic Training Center and learn from USOC staff and experts.

The program is composed by four modules over an academic year. The participants worked with an international tutor to develop a personal project to further implement in the respective home country.
This intensive education program included lectures, projects, guest speakers, students presentations, group work, field trips, and project management.

Jadulla Hassan worked on a Grass Roots Participation Initiative: the Gateway to Islanders for Table Tennis, Maldives. Photo by: courtesy of ICECP

The first module took place on the campus of the University of Delaware during two weeks. Alongside a wide range of topics, both Jadulla Hassan and Khasbaatar Odbayar benefited from observational opportunities with the intercollegiate athletic teams and professional sport organizations within the region.
The second module is an apprenticeship designed to allow the participants to shadow an expert coach.
The third module, held at the USOC’s Olympic Training Center, promoted the development of the participant’s personal project and of the coaching education program through practical application of coaching methodologies with the support of USOC staff and other experts.

Khasbaatar Odbayar at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs focused on the Long term Development for Table Tennis Athletes. Photo by: courtesy of ICECP

Both Khasbaatar and Jadulla paved their way to the Olympic capital, Lausanne, to complete Module 4 at the International Olympic Committee headquarters. The academic board (University of Delaware, USOC, and international coaching experts) revised the personal projects and both table tennis coaches. received recognition for the conclusion of the program after having undergone a public presentation of their projects.

Graduation day in Lausanne for Jadulla Hassan (left) and (right) Khasbaatar Odbayar (Photo: Chris Snyder)

ITTF Director of Operations Raul Calin welcomed Khasbaatar and Jadulla, who took the opportunity to visit the ITTF headquarters accompanied by the USOC representatives Chris Snyder and Dragomir Cioroslan.

(left to right) Khasbaatar Odbayar and Jadulla Hassan meet Raul Calin (Photo: Chris Snyder)