ITTF Hopes Program Directives

The Education & Training and Development program released the ITTF Hopes Program directives with the aim to support National Associations and Continental Confederations.

The ITTF Hopes Program is a global talent identification program for U12 players and their coaches. It follows the “think globally, act locally” pathway and is sustained by a clear progressive pathway “National Association – Region – Continent – World”.


National Hopes 

The National Hopes are national talent identification programs running all year round and aiming at selecting a regional and/or national hopes team. The best players attend the Continental Hopes activity

Continental Hopes 

The Continental Hopes serve as continental qualifications, ideally following the ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge model

World Hopes Week and Challenge

Players are nominated by the Continental Confederation and confirmed by the respective national Association to participate in a training camp and challenge. The number of players entries respects the following quota (16 girls+ 16 boys): Africa (2+2), Asia (3+3), Europe (3+3), Latin America (2+2), North America (1+1), Oceania (1+1), ITTF Wildcards (3+3) and Host Nation representatives (1+1).

The ITTF Hopes Program is an educational opportunity for both coaches and players. One coach per player is nominated by the National Association.

Hopes Team

The Hopes team is composed of four girls and four boys and coaches from all six continents. It continues its preparation, with a training camp, for the prestigious ITTF World Cadet Challenge.