The Hopes Program took the last steps for the current year in Fiji, fulfilling its role to provide expert guidance, incentives and opportunities to both athletes and coaches.

The Hopes Team Group during the 2017 ITTF World Cadet Challenge. (Photo: JIOJI Productions)

A total of eight athletes, four girls and four boys, actively participated in the World Cadet Challenge united through the symbol of the Hopes.

Ever since 2009, the launch year of the Hopes Program,  talented Players and their Coaches from all Continents, come together to train, learn and compete. The 2017 ITTF World Cadet Challenge witnessed the participation of many other generations of Hopes, building a spirit of unity within the sport.

Dario Arce, from Mexico, who recently booked his place in the Latin America Team for the World Cadet Challenge following the conclusion of the 2017 Latin American Cadet Championships, joined the Hopes Team Training Camp.

ITTF took the opportunity to talk to Dario.

Dario Arce competed for the Latin American Team in 2017, following his Hopes Team experience in 2014. (Photo: JIOJI Productions)


Congratulations on the selection for the Latin America Team and thank you for support with the Hopes Team.

Tell us about your first participation in the Hopes..

It is good to participate in the Hopes because it means you are all one of the best in the World in that age group and it feels good

Dario, you were a Hopes Player in 2014. How was it for you that first experience?

I felt nervous because it was my first international competition, and everyone is afraid. Then when the competition starts the confidence appears  and its good.

Did you feel that it helped you?

I felt my participation helped me improve my game a lot.

They say once a Hopes always a Hopes, so you come back to help the hopes. It is a bit the legacy of the program. How did you feel to come back now and be with your colleagues that are in the same position you were in 2014?

It feels very good. I remember how I was in that age and that competition..I look at them and I see myself.

What Advice would you give the Hopes Team?

Just enjoy the Game and feel proud to be a Hopes Player..

Today’s Hopes will become tomorrow’s Rough Diamonds. The Hopes experience has taught them what it takes to succeed!


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