by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Second position in the 2016 Latin America Hopes Challenge tournament staged in the Peruvian capital city of Lima; Jenny del Rosario Cux Tiriquiz accompanied by her coach, Victor Hugo Martinez Navichoque, were the representatives from the Central American country of Guatemala at the recent ITTF Hopes Week and Challenge.

Proceedings commenced on Friday 11th August and concluded on Thursday 17th August.

Jenny del Rosario Cux Tiriquiz (left) and (right) Victor Hugo Martínez Navichoque in Luxembourg (Photo: courtesy of Victor Hugo Martínez Navichoque)

It was both 11 year old player and for coach a most memorable and valuable experience.

Victor Hugo Martinez Navichoque reflects.

After a long and tiring trip, we arrived in Luxembourg on Thursday 10th August at 6.00 pm; the same evening we had the first meeting with the Chinese Table Tennis School coaches, Li Xiaodong, Zhang Yining , Gu Nan and Zheng Chaoying, as well as the ITTF Staff consisting of Polona Cehovin, Dejan Papic and Daniela Gomes.
We were given general information about the ITTF World Hopes Week and Challenge as to how matters would organised.

Next day training day began at 7.15 am with exercises. After breakfast the first training session, lasting two hours, was held; at the end there was one hour of physical conditioning.

After lunch and rest the second training session began at 3.00 pm lasting two and a half hours; at the end there was a half hour fitness session. After dinner, there was a meeting with the coaches in charge of the camp, where they discussed subjects seen during the day and other items that arose.

On days when there were three training sessions, there were no exercises before breakfast.

The sessions were carried out as scheduled by the Chinese coaches; multi-ball sessions were held with the respective coaches.

On the last day the Challenge was held with Jenny del Rosario Cux Tiriquiz finishing in 14th place.

It was a difficult event for her but we are very happy with what she learned and now aims to implement the advice gained immediately.

Victor Hugo Martínez Navichoque