Feng Zhe played for the national team from 1987 to 2000. He was Chinese Team Champion twice, with Wang Liqin and Ding Song, Chinese Doubles Champion once with Zhang Yong and two times lost the title to Wang Tao in singles. He won the silver medal at the 1999 World Table Tennis Championships in mixed doubles with Sun Jin.

Feng Zhe has lived in the USA for four years and completed a degree at the Texas Wesleyan University. He has been a coach since 2008, and has been working with players from all over the world for that time. In this interview he gives his views about the differences and problems that arise when working with people from different cultures, and how to overcome them.

– He talks about what players have to have in mind and how to prepare before they come to train in China, so that they will continue their progress when they go back to their home country (0:002:27)

– He talks about the differences in communication between Chinese coaches & players and coaches & players from other countries (2:276:06)

– He talks about what he looks at first when he encounters a new player (6:0610:38)

– What advice would he give to coaches that are bringing their players to train in China (10:3813:10)

– The most important advice for foreign players that will come to China to train table tennis (13:1014:31)