During the 2016 ITTF World Cadet Chellenge in Shanghai, China, Zheng Chaoying, gave a lecture to the young players about various warm up and stretching techniques they have to practice to maintain their healthy body throughout their career.

Part 1

In Part 1 he talks about:

  • introduction to the 3 steps of warming up – pre warm up, general warm up & specific warm up (0:002:00)
  • pre warm up techniques (2:004:11)
  • general warm up techniques (4:117:31)
  • specific table tennis warm up techniques (7:3110:25)
  • neural activation & speed training techniques (10:2512:13)
  • more complex warm up techniques & small muscle activation exercises (12:1316:49)
Part 2

In Part 2 he talks about:

  • various stretching exercises with a tennis or golf ball that table tennis players should do after a match (0:005:37)
  • explanation of different types of speed training exercises – response speed, gesture speed and the speed of the entire body (5:377:00)
  • about neural response, body coordination & explosive power and how it affects a player’s speed (7:0015:34)
  • specific exercises aimed at increasing a table tennis player’s speed (15:3422:03)
  • agility training exercises using the rope ladder (22:0325:13)