Dr. Jonathan Glynn has been a Senior Biomechanist & Performance Analyst at The ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence in Doha, Qatar since 2007. He currently leads the multi-disciplinary service team for the Table Tennis Team. He Has a PhD in Sports Biomechanics, and has studied Sports Science and Mathematics at Loughborough University in the UK. During this lecture he talks about how to use Performance Analysis to enhance a young players development.
Part 1
In Part 1:
  • Definition of biomechanics, introduction to performance analysis & how video cameras can help you  (0:00-2:56)
  • What is a needs analysis and how to use it, how performance analysis can help a coach develop their players technique  (2:56-6:51)
  • Creating a grading system to easier track the progress of your players & using video to monitor development of your players  (6:51-9:24)
  • Practical examples and suggestions of how to use video cameras for performance analysis  (9:24-12:44)
  • How to enhance feedback to your athletes (12:44-15:39)
  • How to set targets for your athletes, track their progress and make the process more fun  (15:39-18:07)
Part 2
In Part 2:
  • Body language analysis, momentum analysis & how to maximize the output from video that you capture (0:003:57)
  • How to use performance analysis to develop movement competency of your players (3:578:36)
  • Summary and why it is important to embrace technology and sport science in table tennis (8:3610:38)
  • Q&A tracking your players improvement & how video helps with it all (10:3816:15)