Dr. Jerry Lynch is more than a conventional sports psychologist. He combines Eastern thought, Native American tradition, Christian mysticism and western psychology to help coaches, parents and their athletes to create confidence, mental toughness and inspiration for competitive events.

He received his doctorate in psychology from Penn State University, and has done extensive post-doctoral work in the area of philosophy, Taoist and Buddhist thought, comparative religions, leadership development and performance enhancement. He has coached at the high school level as well as AAU sports.

He has given interviews for CBS, NBC, and PBS on national television, the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Baltimore Sun, Outside Magazine and over 50 national radio broadcasts, podcasts and webinars.

During this interview he talks about leadership, coaching, the player-coach relationships and the rule of one. In detail:

  • That coaching is a double axis, how important the coaches relationship with their players is and the rule of one. (0:03- 1:14)
  • About coaching long distance and how important it is for a coach to learn the language of listening & and how love is work made visible (1:14-4:41)
  • less is more vs more is better, and that when learning it is more important to go deeper than wider (4:41-7:35)