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Resources for players, coaches, administrators and parents concerning Anti-Doping, provided by WADA and the IOC.


  Three quizzes developed by WADA: Play True Anti-Doping Quiz   Target group: young players. This quiz is compulsory for all participants of the World Cadet Challenge, and is recommended for Youth Olympic Games, World Junior Championships and World Junior Circuit...


WADA courses   ALPHA 2.0  For players. This course is compulsory for WFIM players. It is available in English, and a certificate is issued upon completion. Coach True   For coaches of elite players including ones that coach WFIM players and have a Level 3...

Tool Kits

As with a real ”tool kit,” these digital versions contain all materials needed to build successful anti-doping education programs.

At-A-Glance Guides

Comprehensive guides giving you an overview of the most important Anti-Doping topics.

ITTF Science Committee experts about doping

(from ITTF Science Congresses)

Dr. Shiro Matsuo “The History in Doping and Anti-Doping in Table Tennis” 

At the World Championships 2016 in Kuala Lumpur Dr Shiro Matsuo spoke about the Anti-Doping Code and addressed the precautions players must take when taking medicine. “I have been working for the International Table Tennis Federation on the Doping Control Panel since 2008 and on the Therapeutic Use Exemption Panel since 2011”, said Dr Shiro Matsuo. “During this time, I have dealt with some “positive” cases and a lot of Therapeutic Use Exemption applications.”  

Takuro Okada – The future anti-doping activities in ITTF

Takuro Okada (Japan) about future anti-doping activities in ITTF. Lecture were organized during World Championships in Kuala Lumpur on March 2, 2016