Three days of competition, from 8 to 10 September, concluded with two new cadet and two new junior champions being crowned at the 2017 European Youth Top 10 in Worcester, England.

Samuel Kulczycki, Sophia Klee, Cristian Pletea and Adina Diaconu crowned champions at the European Youth Top10. Photo by Alan Man, Table Tennis England

In the Cadet Girls Singles (CGS) Event Germany’s Sophia Klee took the gold home, while Ozge Yilmaz of Turkey won the silver and Isa Cok (FRA) took the bronze.

The final standings for the CGS were:

1 Sophie Klee (GER, seeded 4)
2 Ozge Yilmaz (TUR, 7),
3 Isa Cok (FRA, 5)
4 Jamila Laurenti (ITA, 2),
5 Anastasia Bondareva (GER, 8)
6 Wenna Tu (GER, 5)
7 Elena Zaharia (ROU, 1)
8 Camille Lutz (FRA, 3)
9 Charlotte Bardsley (ENG, 9)
10 Lou Frete (FRA, 10)

Sophie Klee (GER), European Youth Top 10 winner. Photo by Alan Man, Table Tennis England

I´m very happy that I won the European Top 10. I think the first match was very important as I was playing with the Turkish girl that reached the second place. The last match was very difficult but I was focused on every point

Sophie Klee (GER)

Poland revealed a new table tennis young talent with Samuel Kulczycki winning the Cadet Boys single event (CBS).

The Final standings in the CBS were:

1 Samuel Kulczycki (POL, seeded 5)
2 Bilal Hamache (FRA, 1)
3 Dorian Zheng (FRA, 4)
4 Csaba Andras (HUN, 3)
5 Kay Stumper (GER, 2)
6 Olav Kosolosky (BEL, 6)
7 Martin Friis (SWE, 7)
8 Jules Cavaille (FRA, 9)
9 Daniel Rinderer (GER, 8)
10 Ethan Walsh (ENG, 10)

2017 European Youth Top 10 Cadet Boys winner Samuel Kulczycki (POL) showing determination. Photo by Alan Man, Table Tennis England

I´m very happy, in this tournament I was good psichologically, I was many times with 9-9 scores and I won. It was a very good tournament. Despite that three of the best players have not played, there was still a very high level

Samuel Kulczycki (POL)

The Junior Girls Single (JGS) Gold medal went to Adina Diaconu (ROU) following a disputed match against Anastasia Kolish from Russia. German Jennie Wolf reached the bronze medal spot.

The JGS final standings were as follows:

1 Adina Diaconu (ROU, seeded 1)
2 Anastasia Kolish (RUS, 5)
3 Jennie Wolf (GER, 9)
4 Lisa Lung (BEL, 4)
5 Zhang Xuan (ESP, 6)
6 Izabela Lupulesku (SRB, 3)
7 Luisa Saeger (GER, 7)
8 Andreea Dragoman (ROU, 2)
9 Tania Plaian (ROU, 8)
10 Denise Payet (ENG, 10).

2017 European Youth Top-10, Junior Girls Single Gold medallist Adina Diaconu. Photo by Michael Loveder, ETTU

I´m very happy that I won this Top 10, as it was the last very important junior competition in Europe for me. I think that the key in this competition is to stay focused on all the matches because all are very hard

Adina Diaconu (ROU)

Romanian Cristian Pletea reached the top step of the Junior Boys Singles (JBS) podium with a fantastic performance. Cristian overcame the current European junior Champion Ioannis Sgouropoulos, who grabbed the Silver medal.

The JBS final standings were the following:

1 Cristian Pletea (ROU, seeded 1)
2 Ioannis Sgouropoulos (GRE, 2)
3 Bastien Rembert (FRA, 8)
4 Irvin Bertran (FRA, 4)
5 Gerrit Engemann (GER, 7)
6 Florian Cnudde (BEL, 6)
7 Tobias Hippler (GER, 5)
8 Matteo Mutti (ITA, 9)
9 Rares Sipos (ROU, 3)
10 Josh Bennett (ENG, 10)

2017 European Youth Top10,Junior Boys Single winner, Cristian Pletea (ROU). Photo by Michael Loveder, ETTU

I prepared very much for this tournament, specially for the last match against Ioannis Sgouropoulos. After the Europeans I had some good training sessions on tactics. I feel very good and now and I prepare for Luxembourg, for the ECH, to where I´m travelling tomorrow. I hope I can also beat some good seniors there. I feel good, my physic is fine, I worked a lot after the Europeans and feel happy here in England, where I come for the first time.

Cristian Pletea (ROU)

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