by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor


Guidance provided by an experienced person, it is the basis of the Mentorship Programme organised under the auspices of ITTF Development, Education and Training.

One coach who benefitted from the initiative in 2016 was Brazil’s Jorge Fanck; he visited Falkenberg in Sweden where he was able to learn from Peter Karlsson, the proud owner of no less than five World Championships gold medals.


All smiles, Peter Karlsson (left) with (right) Jorge Fanck in Falkenberg (Photo: courtesy of Jorge Fanck)


Jorge Fanck, 30 years old, a full-time coach, was present at the renowned club from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th October.

Recently, he has been advising the Brazilian Hopes age group players and is not without experience; he has been coaching for some 14 years, the fascination started in teenage years.

For me there were two very clear subjects in mind, the development of footwork in table tennis players and the annual planning of competitions and training, two themes that I believe to be of great importance

Jorge Fanck

He is a member of the Fast Track Programme promoted by the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation and has worked closely with Frenchman Michel Gadal and Portugal’s Ricardo Faria; both having advised on the “Diamantes do Futuro” project for players aged nine to 15 years of age. Likewise, Peter Karlsson has also worked in liaison with Brazil.

For me it was amazing. I was warmly welcomed and had a good interaction with everyone, coaches and players. Maybe more days, because only five days is not enough to cover the topic selected. I think seven days would be perfect

Jorge Fanck

Technical, tactical, physical and mental were the four main factors stressed by Peter Karlsson, who throughout the five days, discussed matters with Jorge Fanck. He stressed the need for a good attitude and gave the Brazilian the opportunity to display his coaching skills.

We had always things to discuss, Jorge is very passionate about table tennis and had many questions. He must continue to work in different environments with different coaches and players; this will give more experience and understanding for the game and the work as a trainer. We are never too good or too old to improve. Keep up the energy and continue being eager to improve. Table tennis is a sport with a lot of small details; it takes time to understand it all! Be patient.

Peter Karlsson

Now Jorge Fanck has a greater understanding of high level play and more knowledge in his locker; he is able advise club a country more effectively

High performance training demands a lot of the player and coach, only with very strong inner strength, with a great desire to fight and dedication is it possible to achieve. No-one reaches to the top by chance

Jorge Fanck

Clearly Jorge Fanck departed Sweden richer for the experience; a most worthwhile venture was concluded.

Jorge Fanck (far left) and Peter Karlsson (back row far right) with aspiring players in Falkenberg (Photo: courtesy of Jorge Fanck)