Aiden Oakley is a Strength and Conditioning Coach who has been working at the ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence with the Table Tennis program in Doha, Qatar since 2016. He is a UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach, and a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. As a pedagogue, he likes to say: “The teacher has not taught until the student has learned”. During this lecture he talks about how essential physical preparation for young Table Tennis players is, focusing on 10-12 year olds.
Part 1
In Part 1:
  • The Aspire Pathway, the youth physical development model & peak high velocity (0:003:11)
  • Developing fundamental movement skills and sport specific skills & the dangers of muscle overuse without adequate physical development (3:117:50)
  • Detailed explanation of different warm up exercises, the importance of flexibility and mobility & how it helps with injury prevention (7:5013:44)
Part 2
In Part 2:
  • Physical development, the importance of whole body, multi-joint movements & what a good movement should look like (0:00-4:16)
  • How to incorporate physical development exercises into your warm up & how to adapt training regimes to individual players (4:16-7:49)
  • Monitoring the training intensity of your players & engaging them with different types of work outs (7:49-14:01)
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