Play True Day, a grassroots initiative is intended to raise awareness among athletes, the sporting public and others about the global fight against doping. Nina Makuc, one of the driving forces behind it, has held educational sessions at the ITTF Rough Diamonds training camp in 2017

The inspiration for Play True Day stems from a WADA-hosted Education Conference in 2013, which was attended by 17 South American countries that were the driving force behind 10 April being declared ‘Play True Day’. While it started as a South American initiative, over the years this grassroots movement has gained momentum with numerous European countries celebrating in 2016 and more joining the campaign from around the globe in the following years.

Together, we can leverage this momentum to create a world where the clean athlete prevails, a world where athletes choose to stay clean out of self-respect, fairness to their fellow competitors, and for the pure joy that sport brings.

Help spread the word about the fight against doping and Play True Day.

Sign the pledge and show your support for #playtrueday on 10 April 2018.

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