Swathi Giri is USA’s most accomplished Hopes girl player in 2017. During the first three days of the World Hopes Week & Challenge, Swathi demonstrated her adaptability by tackling all training camp challenges..
Her hard work paid off when on the third day of the training camp she experienced a full session of multi-ball training with expert coach LI Xiaodong..

Swathi Giri learning from Chinese Head Coach, Mr LI Xiaodong, during the 2017 WHW&C.

Swathi Giri

I started playing table tennis ???? when I was … 7 years old

I discovered table tennis ….in a summer camp with my club and liked it so much that I gave up tennis
When I´m not playing table tennis ????, my hobby is chess

What keeps me playing is … positive feedback from coaches about my improvement… that makes me want to play more

My favourite training time is … in the afternoon

My biggest strength is … my backhand

My goal in Table Tennis ???? is … to make it to the Olympics

My hero is … Zhang Yining

What motivates me most is … win or loose I want to learn something from my strokes and movements

I balance Table Tennis and School ????by …. making a chart for when I have time to do my homework, projects, studying and practice

My favourite food is … pizza ????

What do you always have in the fridge … Nutella ????

The best thing in life right now is … the Hopes