Stepan BRHEL comes from a family devoted to table tennis. Under the guidance of Jaroslav MIKESKA, Stepan worked hard during the 2017 World hopes Week, to improve his game and build his dreams..

Stepan Brhel (CZE) during the 2017 WHW&C, in Luxembourg. Photo by Claude Sibenaler

Stepan BRHEL

I started playing table tennis ???? when I was … three-years-old

I discovered table tennis ???? … because my mum is an Olympian athlete and both my parents were playing.. before I could walk .. it is a family thing! My family is very devoted to table tennis and one of my grandfathers makes blades…

When I´m not playing table tennis ????,my hobbies are …playing soccer ⚽️ with friends

What keeps me playing is … my talent and will to win

My favourite training time is … in the morning

My biggest strength is … my backhand topspin

My goal in Table Tennis ???? is … I have to start somewhere.. first I want to participate in the ECH … but I actually want to become an Olympian..

My hero is .. Jan-Ove Waldner..

I balance Table Tennis ????and School ????… right now I only study for tests! So during tests periods I train earlier to be able to study

My favourite food is lasagna bolognese..

What do you always have in the fridge .. apples

The best things in life right now is … taking part in the Hopes