Mexico’s Rogelio Castro had secured the Latin American Hopes Boys’ Singles crown, back in October 2016. Under the guidance of Mónica MIRAMONTES Rogelio has impressed everyone at the 2017 World Hope Week & Challenge due to his commitment and technical level.

Rogelio Castro (Mex) during the 2017 WHW&C, in Luxembourg. Photo by Claude Sibenaler

Rogelio CASTRO

I started playing table tennis ???? when I was … six-years-old

I discovered table tennis ???? … during holidays in an hotel. When I came back home I was eager to start playing

When I´m not playing table tennis ????,my hobbies are …other sports like soccer ⚽️ and basketball????, and also videogames and study

What keeps me playing is … my passion for the game

My favourite training time is … anytime, just need the time and chance to train

My biggest strength is … my family´s ????support and the expectation I can reach many good things in table tennis

My goal in Table Tennis ???? is … (the main goal) is to play in the Olympics and be a good player

My hero is .. I like the combinations of several players and styles.. players that combines both the German technique (good in control) and Chinese technique (strong in attack). From other sports I love Cristiano Ronaldo.

I balance Table Tennis ????and School ????… because I´m very devoted and give a lot of value to school. I have never left it behind

My favourite food is Tacos Mexicanos – Tacos al Pastor, very spicy????..

What do you always have in the fridge .. fruit???????????????????????? cereals, yogurt, Yakult ..

The best things in life right now is … to be here.. Hopes is a great opportunity