Rising Star Nicholas Lum discovered table tennis when he saw his father playing. Nicholas´ commitment allied with his stable technique and exposure to more matches and players will surely continue to make him dream .. The very best of luck to Nicholas on his Olympic quest..

Nicholas Lum during the 2017 WHW&C, Luxembourg. Photo by Claude Sibenaler

Nicholas LUM

I started playing table tennis ???? when I was … seven-years old

I discovered table tennis ????… when I saw my dad playing at a club with his coach

When I´m not playing table tennis ???? , my hobby is … chess

What keeps me playing is … the motivation to improve my skill

My favourite training time is … after school

My biggest strength is … my forehand

My goal in Table Tennis ???? is … to represent Australia in the Olympics

My hero is … Ma Long

I balance Table Tennis ???? and School ????by … not only focusing on table tennis but also on studies ???? and family

My favourite food is … Curry Laksa ????

Back home I always have in the fridge … candy ????and chocolate????

The best things in life right now is .. probably my table tennis ???? skill