The 2017 World Hopes Week and Challenge has begun in Luxembourg. Athletes have completed three full days of training guided by the cutting edge coaches from the CTTC. Meet Dragos BUJOR, the Hopes player with a lion heart…the young Hopes player from Romania has evidenced an amazing commitment, fair play and enthusiasm.

Dragos BUJOR and his coach Seni IONUT during the 2017 World Hopes Week and Challenge.

Dragos Bujor

I started playing table tennis ???? when I was … 5 Years and a half

I discovered table tennis … through a friend in my neighbourhood

When I´m not playing table tennis, my hobby is … to ride my bike ????????

What keeps me playing is … my love with table tennis ????

My favourite training time is … in the afternoon

My biggest strength is … backhand topspin

My goal in Table Tennis ???? is … to be world Champion ????

My hero is … Fan Zhengdon

What motivates me most is … to be the best

I balance Table Tennis ???? and School ????… by being clever in both

My favourite food is … salmon ????

Back home one thing I always have in the fridge is … milk ????

The best things in life right now is … the dream ???? to become world champion