The second edition of the prestigious Rough Diamonds Training Camp has started. Luxembourg is, again, the focal point for another ITTF Education and Training project.

Maximum attention in Luxembourg to maximise performance. photo by Polona Cehovin

The National Sports Institute of Luxembourg is located in Luxembourg City and provides cutting edge training conditions for the promising young players, comprising 20 tables, a fitness center, conference rooms, a restaurant, two football fields, and an oval running track and a students’ dormitory with 37 rooms.

While time is a finite resource, the ITTF Education & training team and its partners bring their full energy and commitment to maximise opportunities. Photo: Polona Cehovin

The following 20 players (8 boys and 12 girls) aged 13 – 15 years-old have been been invited.

Girls: Elizabet Abraamian (Russia), Elena Zaharia (Romania), Archana Girish Kamath (India), Ozge Yilmaz (Turkey), Karen Lyne (Malaysia), Zhou Jiayi (New Zealand), Prithika Pavade, Isa Cok and Camille Lutz (France), Bruna Takahashi (Brazil), Jinnipa Saweettabut (Thailand), Marwa Alhodaby (Egypt).

Boys: Mohamed Azzam (Egypt), Finn Luu (Australia), Owen Cathcart (Ireland), Radin Khayyam  and Navid Shams (Iran), Youssef Ben Atta (Tunisia), Olav Kosolosky(Belgium), Csaba Andras (Hungary).

There is no substitute for hard work..Photo by: Polona Cehovin